WHO Estimates Real Case Reaches 800 Million!

 Unconsciously, it has been almost 10 months since Malaysia received the first case of COVID-19 starting on January 24. Currently the case record in the country is 12,813 with active cases amounting to 2,336.

While the world bears 35,698,654 total cases with the latest active cases 7,785,560.

Inevitably, the World Health Organization (WHO) could not rule out an estimate of the actual number of cases reaching nearly 800 million despite the latest record surpassing 35 million cases.

This means that the vast majority of the Earth's population is at high risk with an average rate of 1 per 10 population or 10% of the world's population has been infected with COVID-19.

The spread of this epidemic continues to record an improvement record with no signs of an end.

If you are looking forward to the vaccine that will be distributed soon, the earliest is probably by the end of 2020 and Malaysia, Singapore, including Brunei are exempt from those expectations.

The WHO representative for the three countries, Dr Jacqueline Lo Ying-Ru reminded the public not to expect too much for vaccines until mid-2021.

Based on records, 10 countries account for 70% of all cases and deaths. Meanwhile, only three countries contribute half of it.

To date the United States (US), India and Brazil remain the top three countries with the highest number of epidemic infections and deaths.