Thursday, November 12, 2020

Apple + Bitcoin: Is It a Profitable Affiliate?

 What do Apple and Bitcoin (BTC) fans think if the two world icons merge?

Toroso Investment portfolio manager Dan Weiskopf in a statement posted on the Think Tank ETF website said Apple should invest in Bitcoin.

The idea came after MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor and former Goldman Sachs fund manager Raoul Pal expected Apple's investment in Bitcoin to bring in large-scale returns in the next few years.

Saylor via his Twitter account retweeted Weiskopf's statement with comments stating that large tech firms have the potential to receive market capitalization gains of up to $ 100 billion if the combination of Apple and Bitcoin products really happens.

A report on October 29 revealed Apple's market capitalization was below $ 2 trillion, making it the most valuable firm in the world with nearly $ 192 billion in cash ownership.

If Apple invests in Bitcoin between $ 10 billion and $ 20 billion, the firm will receive much higher profits in the long run than risky and expensive stock repurchases.

Clearly Weiskopf again, Bitcoin may be considered inflation-resistant, a speculation or an alternative asset class. But there is no denying that it is a unique technological innovation for Apple to access and give to its shareholders.

In fact, the combination of the two technologies could help Bitcoin to expand its mainstream application for the benefit of both.

BTC needs a 545% jump with a rough estimate per BTC reaching $ 100,000 to be at the same level as Apple's current market capitalization of $ 2.03 trillion.