Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Bitcoin Logs $ 16.7K Bringing In A Bigger Ratio!

 The price of Bitcoin (BTC) has successfully recorded recent records, surpassing the $ 16,700 face, bringing new prices to analysts.

Starting with a value of $ 16,473 recorded on November 13, the analyzer is exploring the long-term ascending flow.

Another factor in this scarcity was also driven by the crisis of increasing sales of BTC compared to being contested and crypto assets that strengthened despite excessive buying.

This situation has refuted Bollinger Bands indicator founder John Bollinger's indictment of a Bitcoin rectification in which the crypto asset ended up dealing with a consolidation before rebounding.

Since BTC has a record $ 10,000, as much as 3,000 BTC is issued every day. This is among the upbeat evidence for the asset out of increasing demand and the throttle acting to save BTC.

News of the emergence of the Moderna vaccine with 94% guaranteed order brought the price of bitcoin to a higher level, almost 5% when gold only recorded an increase of 0.17%.

The record turned out to be different when the announcement of the Pfizer vaccine with a 90% order caused this asset to lose nearly 3% over several hours.

One well-known crypto trader argued that if the asset's price were to depreciate once again because of the vaccine announcement, it would be natural to take the opportunity to buy more of that asset.

Technical momentum, crisis in asset sales and rallies have kept BTC steady above $ 16,000. Given that BTC is not suddenly sinking after its soaring high, the expression of a strong $ 16,000 value will be an area of ​​support for the asset.