Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Different From Others, IMCoin The World's First Hybrid Crypto!

 Not a hybrid car but the world's first hybrid coin, IMCOIN.

Like other cryptocurrencies, hybrid coins are still categorized as cryptocurrencies with slightly different properties that distinguish between ‘hybrids’ and other crypto assets.

The objective of the development of this cryptocurrency is to combine the benefits of cryptocurrencies with stablecoins.

This means that Hybridcoin gives its holders the opportunity to own assets backed up on an audited and public basis, on which proceeds from the sale of tokens will be included, thus increasing the value and positive impact on coin prices.

Simply put, investors who invest in stablecoins do not have to risk profits for stability and investors who invest in cryptocurrencies do not have to wait for stability to make a profit.

IMCoin is also reportedly in the process of creating a stable and profitable business model by using cryptocurrencies as deposits, including asset investments.

The model aims to facilitate credit access to IMC users based on the security and transparency of blockchain technology with its platform.

Interestingly, Lucybook, a commercial auditor for the entire market including forex, futures, stocks, cryptocurrencies and more was developed with blockchain-based transaction authentication tools.

It could potentially be a basic necessity for the existence of other Hybridcoin in the future especially those that require an audit.

IMCOIN went on sale in May 2019 and ended in April 2021 with 100,000,000 tokens for sale. To date nearly 19,000,000 tokens have been sold at $ 1.74. The price of this asset is expected to jump to $ 2.00 in 2021.