Friday, November 20, 2020

Don't Use Remdesivir! - WHO

 Last night, the World Health Organization (WHO) suddenly asked a line of health experts not to use the antiviral Remdesivir that was awakened by Gilead Sciences in the treatment of COVID-19.

The WHO Guideline Development group of experts explains that there is no evidence to show that these drugs are truly effective, especially in curing patients in the short term.

The indictment is based on new data obtained through a comparative look at several antiviral drug treatments including data from four international randomized tests involving 7,000 patients.

This fact invites Gilead's disappointment because the use of Remdesivir should not be any problem because it meets the guidelines of various national organizations including the National Institutes of Health and Infectious Disease Society of the United States (US), Japan, UK and Germany.

Not enough with that, US infectious disease health expert Dr. Anthony Fauci also acknowledged the effectiveness of Remdesivir, characterizing its use as a new standard treatment for COVID-19 patients and has been used for COVID-19 treatment in hospitals in around 50 countries.

For your knowledge, this drug is also an antiviral used to treat the COVID-19 outbreak that was encountered by US President Donald Trump.

It is clear that WHO again, following a negative decision, their side supports the drug is assessed continuously, also giving warnings that the continued use of it will cause dangers, including high funding and resources for the administration of antiviral drugs.