Eh! US Will Not End 'War' Again With WHO?

 The United States today said that the conditions under which a team of experts led by the World Health Organization to investigate the origin of the new coronavirus were not negotiated transparently or in accordance with mandates agreed by member states.

Earlier, the Trump administration had accused the UN agency of being biased in favor of China, which had been repeatedly denied by WHO director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, and had accused China of hiding secret information about the outbreak.

According to US representative Garrett Grigsb, the TOR (terms of reference) is not negotiated transparently with all WHO member states. The TOR and the investigation itself do not seem to fit the mandate given by the member states.

Meanwhile, a leading WHO expert, Mike Ryan, said that on October 30, a team of WHO-led scientists and their Chinese counterparts had their first virtual meeting on joint research on the origins of the coronavirus novels that appeared in China late last year. .

Worldwide, more than 50.74 million individuals have been reported infected and 1.26 million deaths have been recorded.