Ether (ETH) Soar While ETH 2.0 Will Be Launched

 Ethereum (ETH) seems to be starting to be active, already setting some records when the news about ETH 2.0 will be launched on December 1 is widely spread.

Crypto analytics firm Glassnode reported a few hours after the announcement of the crypto industry, some Ethereum addresses holding at least 32 ETHs reached an all-time high (ATH) of 126,852. This surge shows the figure playing around 123 thousand since June this year with a record fluctuation at hundreds of addresses.

Indirectly, only 13% of all ether addresses have more than 32 Ethers needed to launch the latest system. If the amount fails to be reached, the launch of the system has to be delayed until 7 days after the desired value is successfully achieved.

The addresses must have a value of at least 0.1, 10 or 100 Ether and are also seen to be soaring, each recording the highest record at 3,616,246 number of addresses, 293,183 number of addresses, and 52, 943 number of addresses. This proves a comprehensive increase in players and validators.

Total Ether ownership on the exchange platform also recorded a one-year low of 15.8 million. Crypto statistician Willy Woo states that, just like Bitcoin, when the number of coins held on exchanges decreases, it marks the entry of new buyers to remove coins from the market and move them to safer storage.

Ethereum’s exchange balance has shown a 10-month bart-pattern with the same scale a few months before the spike in 2017.

Other signs can also be attributed at this time to the recent price of Bitcoin reaching $ 14,000 and Ethereum reaching $ 400 simultaneously approaching the end of the surge for mid-January 2018.

Ethereum hash rate also managed to reach ATH last week at 270 Terahash or 270 trillion hash per second.