Wednesday, November 18, 2020

EU-UK Brexit Drama Finally Comes to an End!

 It has now been more than 8 months of trade agreement negotiations taking place between the European Union and the UK. Various dramas have been presented to us and it will come to an end. In a few days the problems that have been waiting for so far will be answered.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is reportedly undergoing a quarantine process after having had close contact with one who has been certified positive. However, the tests he carried out showed he was negative.

Even so, the Brexit negotiations must continue and he has many reasons to conclude the agreement. A number of his cabinet ministers, including Rishi Sunak, are among those determined to reach a trade agreement.

In addition, the UK is among the countries hardest hit by Covid-19 among overseas countries and it needs more time to recover from that outbreak. The UK's withdrawal from the EU without an agreement will make the UK economy worse by being accompanied by an increase in the cost of commerce, inflation and others.

Even so, the fact is that the end date is getting closer and any agreement must be ratified by the European Parliment and UK before December 31st. On that basis, actually it only takes a few days to finish before entering the parliament for discussion.