Facing Trade Disruption After Brexit - Northern Ireland Not Ready!

Negotiations are nearing completion but no agreement has been reached between Britain and the European Union. The National Audit Office (NAO) on Friday said Northern Ireland was not ready to implement the new system as it needed to ensure trade continued with the UK as required by the Brexit agreement.

According to the firm, the results of a study on government spending indicate that there is a possibility that all borders in the UK will face various challenges after the UK withdraws from the European Union, whether a trade agreement with the EU is signed or not.

Beginning January 1, exporters will have to file customs and security forms even if the UK signs a deal in a trade agreement. NAO added that port companies do not have much time to integrate or test their systems with government IT services that have not yet been launched. At the same time, customs websites and customs brokers are still not enough for the industry to adapt.

On the other hand, the European Commission declined to comment on Friday's report that two European diplomatic officials said some things were not yet ready such as temporary regulations and security guarantees.

The focus is also on how to deal with the movement of goods delivery from one place to another across the EU border with minimal inspections and computer software that can accommodate 270 million customs application files a year.