Monday, November 16, 2020

Go Play Away, Trump!

 President-elect Joe Biden will today focus on a plan to recover the US economy devastated by the Covid-19 outbreak and prepare to form his new administration, while President Donald Trump promises to continue his lawsuit against the choice decision.

Following the soaring number of Covid-19 cases across the country, Biden will receive a press conference and give remarks in his native Delaware about the restructuring of the economy which has lost millions of jobs because it killed more than 245,000 Americans and resulted in the closure of many sectors. commerce.

In addition, Biden's scientific advisor will also hold a meeting with pharmaceutical companies that are developing vaccines to fight Covid-19.

Meanwhile, Trump is charged with admitting his defeat via his Twitter page, but will continue to pursue lawsuits against the choice decision.

According to lawmakers, Trump will have no chance of changing the choice of choice decision, and employees of both parties' choice of choice say that there is no evidence of fraud.

Furthermore, most of the lawsuits attempted to block Pennsylvania from passing a judgment have failed and Biden is found to have won the country by registering more than 60,000 lots.

Although it has been more than a week since Biden has been named the winner based on the number of lots from country to country, the General Services Office has yet to declare him elected president, and prevents his troops from gaining access to the official office and royal funds which are customarily awarded to future administrations to ensure a smooth transition. .

In addition, Biden's top adviser has also raised warnings that Trump's refusal to initiate the switch may affect the country's battle to fight the virus and hinder the design of vaccine delivery.