Saturday, November 21, 2020

Hong Kong ‘Haunted’ Fourth Covid-19 Wave

 Hong Kong will impose new social sanctions and ask most students to stay at home as local Covid-19 infection cases allegedly increase within 3 months as well as mark the emergence of a new wave.

In addition, the city also reported 26 new cases of infection on Friday and a total of 21 cases were local infections while 9 of them could not be detected. In addition, the government also detected more than 40 cases of early infections still awaiting confirmation.

In addition, the surge in local cases has also occurred in other Asian countries, including Japan and South Korea, coupled with concerns about worsening conditions during the winter.

Therefore, classes for primary school level 1 to 3 will be postponed from November 23 for 2 weeks. Kindergartens and daycare centers have been delayed for the past week due to respiratory infections and the risk of coronavirus transmission. However, there are still no students or school staff who have tested positive for Covid-19.

According to Food and Health Secretary Sophia Chan, the outbreak of the epidemic in Hong Kong has shown a rapid decline and experts say the fourth wave is unavoidable. So, they will take preventive measures to control the spread of the epidemic, but the current situation is seen to be getting worse.

The worsening situation is rumored to occur 2 days before the former British colony is scheduled to launch air travel with Singapore's financial hub, where the world's first independent travel is open to all residents.

Therefore, it will be postponed for 2 weeks after 7 days of undetectable local cases in both are found to be increasing. Over the last 7 days, Hong Kong recorded 15 undetected local cases, approaching a dangerous rate of 35 cases of local infection.