Thursday, November 19, 2020

Palestin-Israel Will Get Better?

 Palestinians will continue cooperation with Palestinians which was terminated last May as a retaliation for Israel's slow desire to seize the occupied West Cliffs.

According to Minister Hal Ehwal Awam and his meeting allies to the Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, namely Hussein al-Sheikh, tweeting last Tuesday, relations between Israelis will return to what they were before following the official written and oral letters received from Israel. Israel stated its commitment to the previous agreement.

Last May, Abbas announced that Palestin would not be bound by any of the previous agreements signed with Israel and stopped all cooperation with the Zionist regime, including raising the issue of safety.

However, reports al-Jazeera journalist, Harry Fawcett, the Palestinian decision has aligned the Palestinian peace efforts with several other Palestinian clans.

"The Hamas group and several other clans criticized the action, saying that Palestinians want to cooperate with the colonial power again. Talks about the possibility of peace, the choice of a big choice in Palestine seem vague, "said Fawcett.

Israel plans to seize one-third of the West Cliffs, including its haram placement as a part of the slack exposed earlier this year by the President of the United States (US), Donald Trump. Palestinians say slowly the spoils will fade the Palestinian-Israeli relationship even further.