Pat on the forehead! $ 6.6 Million Apple Products Get Ripped!

The world has not yet subsided with the phenomenon of buying the Iphone 12 which has just been launched, now it is also being shocked by the tragedy of the smashing of Apple products in the UK. What really happened?

Britain's Police said today that they are on the hunt for thieves who won a £ 5 million worth of Apple products after tying up guides and safety guards during the track theft tragedy in central England.

In addition, the suspect is charged with targeting the track along a highway to the M1 highway in Northamptonshire on Tuesday night. When the incident occurred, the thief was bound to tie up the guide and safety guard who were on the track and then left them. Subsequently, they took the vehicle to a nearby industrial area.

In the area, they transferred the stolen items to another track, and guided nine miles to Lutterworth town where 48 pallets of Apple goods were loaded onto a third vehicle.

Accordingly, the policy party wants to question tactics with anyone who may have been offered an Apple product being sold in doubtful circumstances, or who knows that an individual is selling the item at a low price.