Shockingly, Iran criticizes US Government

 Iran's top leaders have criticized the election in the United States by calling it absurd, saying the polls have exposed the reality of US democracy.

More than 24 hours after the last polling place closed in the US, Alaska, elections for the White House have yet to be decided.

In addition, US President Donald Trump has provoked dissatisfaction among his own Republican leaders by openly claiming to have committed fraud, while his Democratic campaign team-mate Joe Biden has accused the government of wanting to deny the right to vote by tens of thousands of voters by post.

In a post on Twitter, Iran's top leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said the election was absurd. Even Trump himself revealed about the issue of fraud in the election.

In addition, the US political situation since Trump's surprise victory 4 years ago has attracted the interest and concern of many parties, including his allies in the West, with Germany warning of major issues that will arise after the election.

Despite U.S. allegations that Tehran is trying to use social media to influence voters ahead of polling day, the Iranian leadership has openly insisted that they are not involved, as well as their very different policies towards Tehran.

In this regard, Trump has led a "maximum pressure" campaign against the Islamic republic, pulling Washington out of the multilateral agreement on Iran's nuclear program and imposing sanctions on the country.

However, his rival, Biden, has signaled that he is ready to resume the important nuclear deal reached in 2015 when he served as vice president under former president Barack Obama.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, Khamenei stressed that US election results would not affect Iranian policies.