Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Sorry Trump, White House now belongs to Biden!

 New US President Joe Biden will continue to carry out his duties and implement his new system of government today despite former President Donald Trump filing lawsuits challenging election results and seeking to retain himself as the country's leader.

It is common knowledge that Trump refused to admit his defeat, instead submitting allegations of fraud in the last election. According to members of his campaign, they plan to file a lawsuit in Michigan to stop the state from confirming the voting results a day after the action brings similar action in the state of Pennsylvania.

So far, judges have launched lawsuits in Michigan and Georgia driven by the Trump campaign, and legal experts say the judicial process has a chance to change the November 3 election results.

According to a survey, 80% of Americans, including some Republicans, say Biden is a legitimate winner.

However, Biden plans to meet with advisers today who will assist him in preparing to hold the post on January 20, 2021.

In addition, he has invited several financial, trade and banking regulation experts to join his transition group ranging from Democrats to progressive activists.

In addition, Biden says that Trump's actions in refusing to acknowledge his victory will not affect his plans or even something that is considered embarrassing.

Despite this, the Trump Administration allegedly refused to cooperate with Biden's forces. Government analysts have been instructed to continue drafting budget proposals to be released in February, after Trump is scheduled to leave office.

Biden’s transition team has not been able to move into federal government office space or use the funds to hire staff because a Trump appointee who heads the federal office tasked with recognizing election results has not yet done so.

Even US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo yesterday predicted that the Trump administration would continue.