This is the reason why the news of Moderna's vaccine order did not boost the movement of the US dollar!

 Although the presidential election of the United States has ended and the winner is Joe Biden, he is still an issue that continues to be discussed. On the other hand, Donald Trump is still trying to come up with earlier forecasts that can change the whole decision.

Since Biden's victory was announced by the country's media, Trump has taken legal action alleging that there is an element of fraud in lottery calculations in major countries, but so now he has yet to provide evidence to back up his conviction.

The US dollar currency showed depreciation against several major currencies on Monday. During the same period the sterling currency and the euro showed a strengthening because there are positive signs that the European Union and Britain can seal the agreement.

Market sentiment today is mixed with concern that there is an increase in the Covid-19 outbreak and hopes for vaccine order.

The main Brexit negotiator, David Frost announced that the UK and EU have shown progress in trade negotiations although there is still a possibility that the agreement will fail.

The currency of the pound has strengthened against the US dollar at the exchange rate of 1.3190. The US dollar index also decreased in exchange rates of 92,698 compared to the number of the main currency.

Today, the Moderna company has announced that their Covid-19 vaccine recorded an order level of more than 94% to prevent the associated transmission. Order levels exceeding 90% is amazing where Pfizer Inc. / BioNTech and Moderna Inc. has given hope to end this chapter.

The announcement of this news has had an impact on stock movements but not so closely related to movements in US dollars. According to the analyst, the news about Moderna's vaccine did not give much change after the announcement of the Pfizer vaccine. However, with the announcement of an order for vaccines from Russia, China, Pfizer and Moderna, he can accelerate the distribution of vaccines around the world.

In general, market players are taking a cautious stance by weighing news of vaccine successes and increasing outbreaks. Coupled with uncertainty over the U.S. fiscal package.