Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Top Glove Claims Only 27% of Workers Are Impressed

 The Top Glove Corp company announced that only 5,700 workers were affected by the Tightened Movement Control Order (PKPD) and not 13,190 as previously reported.

Top Glove's foreign worker refinery in Meru, Klang was forced to undergo PKPD for 14 days starting today until November 30th.

It is clear that Top Glove has accepted one fact that was issued, PKPD only gives an impression of about 27% of the total number of workers 21,000.

"Our refineries in Meru, Klang continue to operate at a lower capacity when workers who are not within the PKP area work under standard operating procedures (SOPs) that are strictly aligned with Malaysian Ministry of Health guidelines," said Top Glove.

The company once again stated that the majority of workers who tested positive for Covid-19 did not show any symptoms such as fever or illness.

Top Glove shares fell to today's low of around RM6.15 before surging earlier in the midday session to RM6.65 with approximately 95.34 million shares trading.

The company that produces the latex gloves is now worth RM54.5 million.