It's finished! AirAsia Japan 'Bankrupt'!

 AirAsia Japan Co. have argued that the company closed its doors with the Tokyo District Court after their operations were forced to stop last month due to the spread of the Covid-19 outbreak that has taken travel around the world and resulted in losses.

In this connection, Kumpulan AirAsia Group Bhd. Malaysia is charged with receiving a provisional order from the court today.

Based on the facts, along with their position during AirAsia Japan finance, they were unable to settle the arrears in return. Therefore, the Company apologizes for any problems caused to customers who have used or booked their AirAsia flights.

The public is aware that AirAsia, which reported the biggest loss on record in its second term ending on Jun 30, was reportedly under pressure as Covid-19 refreshed the airline industry. Aviation companies around the world have also experienced this problem, which have faced a crisis that has forced them to reduce the number of workers and seek to raise funds to maintain their positions. There are even those who have gone out of business because of the crisis.

Meanwhile, the low-cost mining company also stopped financing its joint venture in India, resulting in AirAsia India Ltd. only relies on the major shareholder, the Indian conglomerate Tata Group. It is even more unfortunate if AirAsia X Bhd's commercial affairs are reportedly not going well and have revealed a new debt structuring reserve to the debtor.

In addition, AirAsia Japan has canceled all flights, including those between Nagoya and Taipei. Controlled services to Japan by other AirAsia airlines in locations such as Thailand and the Philippines will not be missed. When international services to Japan from Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines will be resumed because travel barriers have been relaxed and borders have begun to open.

In fact, customers who have booked AirAsia Japan flights can apply for repatriation of money starting April next year, or they will receive credits that can be used on other flights controlled by AirAsia.