Wednesday, November 11, 2020

UK Administration Asks Other Countries Understand Boris Johnson's Intent!

 Prime Minister Boris Johnson continues to face pressure after the UK House of Lords rejected his bill which allowed him to violate the Brexit withdrawal agreement with the European Union (EU).

With 433 votes to 165, MPs rejected the controversial bill and received strong opposition when it was proposed by PM Johnson last September.

This decision has disappointed the UK government and that they will not back down from the plan. Prime Minister Boris Johnson's spokesman on Tuesday said the UK administration hoped that other countries should understand the matter.

When asked about Johnson's view that he agrees with some members of the House of Representatives that the passage of the bill would damage the UK's reputation?

According to a Johnson spokesman, the UK administration should not allow the reconciliation process or the internal market bill to be compromised because it does not want to bear the unintended consequences of the Northern Ireland protocol. Therefore, the UK administration expects other countries to understand this and consider the consequences that will be borne by the UK.