UK Demands EU Surrender To Not Regret Later!

 Michael Gove, who is a member of the British cabinet, came forward to comment on the Brexit issue today. According to him, the UK is 'determined' to reach a post-Brexit trade agreement with the European Union. Cabinet ministers told parliament that the UK negotiating team was working hard to reach an agreement with the EU.

However, the gap in negotiations in London this week is believed to be in the final phase based on UK government sources. These negotiations will be extended next week with the agreement deadline approaching.

However, the gap in negotiations still exists like the fishing issue. According to Gove, on that basis the UK consultants worked hard with EU Chief Consultant Michel Barnier to close the gap. Gove says the UK has shown flexibility in its demands and asked the EU to do the same.

However, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has stated his UK stance that the UK is ready to move forward without a deal.

The UK status quo period will end on 31 December. If a trade agreement is not reached, the UK will trade with the EU using the rules of the World Trade Organization.