Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Want to Trade AUD? You must know the results of the decisions of the RBA

 The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) is willing to implement more stimulation if needed after reducing the utility levels to the lowest level in the recent police system.

The mineral oil report, published by the RBA this morning, shows the central bank will not exercise negative benefit levels and any further action after this may involve increased bill purchases.

Base makers have agreed to lower the utility rate by 15 points to 0.10% and launch a new bill-buying program which sees banks increase their bill-buying program by US $ 100 billion over the course of six months.

According to the ministries again, the central bank's focus now is on the royal bill purchase program. Base builders say they are willing to take more steps if needed.

This will depend on how the country can contain the transmission of the coronavirus, with the relative success so far leading to better prospects than has been offset before.

The basemaker also stressed that monetary and fiscal stimuli will be needed for a long time and promised not to increase the utility level for at least another three years.

Significant job gains and wage growth are needed to lift inflation back to the RBA's target of 2-3%, a prospect that is seen as still far from being achieved given the bank expects unemployment rates to rise even higher at 8% later this year.