What! Covid-19 Case Rises Again After Election!

 According to a report, the United States has set the latest record for Covid-19 infection cases yesterday with at least 102,591 cases and hospitals in several states reporting an increase in the number of patients.

In addition, a total of 9 states recorded an increase in cases of daily infections, namely Colorado, Idaho, Indiana, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Rhode Island, Washington and Wisconsin.

In addition, last Tuesday, the total number of hospital admissions exceeded 50,000 patients for the first time in 3 months. For example, North Dakota reported only 6 beds of free intensive care units across the state yesterday and it was one of 14 states that reported the highest Covid-19 patient records hospitalized.

In addition, the number of tests tested positive was greater than 50% in South Dakota and more than 40% in Iowa as well as Wyoming. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the rate of infection recorded more than 5% is because they indicate an undetectable community contagion.

Even more worrying is the death toll from Covid-19 reportedly rising in the country with 850 deaths a day, up from 700 victims a month ago.

Not only that! Illinois has reported a total of 48,579 cases of infection in 7 days, more than any other state. Texas, which has 2 times more population, reported 47,932 cases of infection and both California and Florida reported about 30,000 new cases each.

Based on previous US records, the latest daily infection cases were 100,233 on October 30, the highest ever reported by any country in the world.