Will the Election Vote Count Be Rescheduled?

 U.S. President Donald Trump is taking a new step by filing a lawsuit in Michigan while Georgia announces a vote count.

According to Reuters, Trump has alleged misconduct in the vote count at the Democratic stronghold in Wayne County, which includes Detroit, Michigan.

According to Michigan State Department spokesman Jake Rollow, the Trump campaign team is trying to 'promote' false allegations to erode the people's confidence in the election.

"That will not change the truth. Michigan elections are conducted fairly, peacefully, transparently and the result is a true reflection of the will of the people, ”Rollow said in a statement.

Meanwhile, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger announced the recount of votes in all 159 districts in the state.

He said the calculation would begin this week and would end before the election confirmation deadline on November 20.

Last Saturday, Democratic candidate Joe Biden won the presidential election after garnering more than 270 electoral votes and gaining more than 5 million popular votes.

Democrats and other critics have slammed Trump for allegedly trying to weaken the people's confidence in the US electoral system and denying Biden victory over baseless allegations.

Although Trump had previously insisted on refusing to hand over the reins of government to Biden, the Democratic candidate still met with advisers who would assist him in administrative matters when he was appointed President on January 20 yesterday.