Wow! Ericsson Defend Huawei!

 According to Ericsson's Chief Executive Officer, Sweden's decision to enforce blockages against China's Huawei from its 5G telecommunications suite will hinder competition and free trade.

Prior to this, Sweden's telecommunications escort PTS earlier this month stopped auctioning the 5G spectrum after the court suspended some parts of its decision to exclude Huawei from the 5G chain due to state safety risks.

Based on the fact that the Chief Executive Officer of the Swedish telecommunications equipment manufacturer, Borje Ekholm said that it is important to have an open market and free competition. He added that competition is a good factor for a company and even has a long-term impression, which is to encourage innovation and be able to provide the best products for customers.

In addition, Ericsson has won contracts from the three major operators in China to supply radio equipment for the 5G chain, while Nokia has not won any 5G radio contracts in the highly competitive market.

Huawei, which has denied the country's safety risks, has filed a lawsuit against Sweden's decision to exclude it from the 5G chain. China's foreign ministry said that Sweden should be held responsible for the wrong decision by blocking Huawei and ZTE from avoiding a negative impression of the Swedish company in China.

In addition, the company also hopes that the entire blockage of the new telecommunications chain will be suspended, because the political focus in Europe is to launch 5G as quickly as possible. If not, Europe will be left behind.