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February 23, 2021

Covid-19 Pandemic Expires Early 2022 - WHO

 The World Health Organization (WHO) believes the Covid-19 pandemic will end early next year.

According to WHO Regional Director for Europe, Hans Kluge, Covid-19 is still spreading this year, but will be more controlled than last year.

Describing the worst situation is now over, Kluge said, there is more information about the virus than during the early stages of its transmission last year.

However, he cautioned that no one knows the Covid-19 pandemic situation in the future.

"This virus will continue to exist but I think restrictions are no longer needed. This is an optimistic message, "he said as reported by Bernama.

Kluge added, mutations are common and the virus is adapting to infected individuals but the rapid transmission of mutations is his concern.

Clearly, the WHO is closely monitoring the effectiveness of the Covid-19 vaccine developed to fight the virus that spreads rapidly and if necessary, the vaccine can be changed based on new mutations and does not need to be developed from scratch.

He said the mutation would not make the virus difficult to control but the pandemic would put more pressure on countries whose healthcare systems were at a difficult level.

Moreover, according to Kluge, the biggest problem will arise when those who have been vaccinated are in the same group as the unvaccinated and therefore, the scheduling factor plays a very important role.