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February 22, 2021

Please abolish tariffs! - China

 Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Monday urged the new US administration to stop the crackdown on Chinese technology companies.

Under the previous administration of former US President Donald Trump, dozens of Chinese technology companies have been hit by sanctions, resulting in many parties accepting their temps.

Telecommunications giant Huawei is one of the firms most affected by the ban, causing its position as the world's number one smartphone seller to fall to sixth place last year.

According to an official translation shared by the Foreign Ministry today, Beijing expects Washington to remove tariffs and sanctions on its companies.

In addition, it also urged the US to abandon irrational repression of Chinese technological advances, thus imposing various conditions necessary for China-US cooperation.

Wang also called on the US to support Chinese international students and remove restrictions on American citizens and the media.

Last week, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said tariffs imposed during the Trump era would remain in place and any changes would depend on China's compliance with trade agreement commitments.