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March 30, 2021

5 Cryptocurrencies To Watch Out For This April!

 Throughout the week, the crypto market invited a variety of investor sentiment. With only a few days left before April, the crypto market is seen recovering with the market value returning to over $ 1 trillion.

Here are 5 cryptocurrencies to focus on by April:


Last week, following Tesla’s announcement of accepting Bitcoin as a payment medium, the price of the crypto king saw a jump of over $ 1,000. However, the surge did not last long as the BTC slipped to around $ 50,000, which became the support level before seeing the price rise to its current value of writing, $ 55,530.

A break of the resistance at $ 55,000 indicates BTC is ready to pass $ 57,700. If that happens, Satoshi Nakamoto’s assets are expected to hit the $ 60,000 price level and hit an all -time record high (ATH) at $ 62,000.


For the past two months, the ADA has been among the coins that show the best performance. However, many argue that the ADA surge is only based on speculative because Cardano still does not have smart contract technology. The response was dismissed by its founder, Charles Hoskinson.

The ADA also simultaneously recorded a weekly highest value, $ 1.28 before declining to the current price of writing, $ 1.19. After facing consolidation a few days ago, the ADA movement is difficult to anticipate and interesting in the event of a surprise move.


Undoubtedly being among the hottest coins in early 2021, over the past few weeks, BNB has traded around $ 290 and $ 240.

Reportedly, the burning of coins for the first quarter of 2021 (around the end of March and early April) is expected to boost the price of BNB. At the same time, congestion in the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) showed no sign of abating as BNB was in high demand to conduct transactions.


Over the past week, UNI has seen depreciation, hitting a record price of around $ 32. However, on March 24, Uniswap announced the launch of Uniswap V3. Started with a launch on the mainnet L1 Ethereum on May 5 and L2 on Optimism later.

So, it is not impossible that the project will bring a surge in total value.


SOL tokens are among the best coins for 2021. Featuring a scalable blockchain infrastructure for a large number of transactions per second at an affordable price, the network is also the choice of investors looking for an alternative to Ethereum.

On January 1, the currency traded at $ 0.55 and managed to hit a record all -time high (ATH), $ 19.39 last night. However, SOL is down over 8% and is trading at, $ 17.7 at the time of writing.


It is not a loss to study these five currencies as the hype in the crypto market, especially DeFi and NFT, does not show any gloomy signs.