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March 19, 2021

EU-UK Political Situation In Danger! Here's why!

 The 1998 Northern Ireland peace agreement is in jeopardy and there is a possibility it will lead to a political crisis unless the European Union agrees to make significant changes to the Brexit agreement.

The 1998 Agreement was known as the Belfast Agreement or Good Friday. Recently, the chairman of the Loyalist Communities Council, David Campbell, expressed the views of the community who called for a dialogue between the EU and Ireland to change the Northern Ireland Protocol which he said had violated the basic principles of the 1998 agreement.

According to Campbell, if no changes are made then he is of the view that there will most likely be a political crisis. He added, now the people are voicing his anger through several small protests because the Brexit deal is unfair.

Communities say that the Brexit deal has blocked a hard border between Northern Ireland and Ireland but at the same time the Brexit deal has also ignored northern Ireland where it effectively separates Northern Ireland from other countries in the United Kingdom by creating a border on the Irish sea.

Campbell and several stakeholders argued that the Brexit agreement was unilateral and violated the principles of the 1998 agreement which effectively gave every community a veto on changes that could have a significant impact on the future of Northern Ireland.

So far the researchers have decided to observe first and prepare the appropriate measures.