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March 22, 2021

Forex Trading Time

 There are several trading sessions that affect the movement of a currency 24 hours a day.

Asia Open means the trading session in Asia has been opened at that time, so the active pairs are the pair linked to the JPY, while the Europe Open means the trading session in Europe has opened and the active pair is the pair linked to the EUR. That's how it goes according to the 'market open' session, respectively.

But do not assume that at this point the market for pairs whose trading session has not opened does not move. It moves, but sometimes it will be passive slow motion. The active time starting at 2pm to 12pm is the time when the prices of almost all pairs move fast as there is a lot of time overlap.

The peak time is from 8.00pm until 12.00pm, you can see almost 3 trading sessions for Europe, London, and the United States overlapping. At this time there are also many news (forex news) released causing the market to be active.

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