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March 22, 2021

No More ‘Locked’, SelfKey (KEY) Rockets 470%!

 SelfKey (KEY) is also among the cryptocurrencies that are considered underrated but have high potential!

The proof is, since from last month the KEY price skyrocketed by 470%, from a record low on February 17, $ 0.00495 to $ 0.0283 on March 20 with a record trading volume increasing 450% in 24 hours.

Focusing on its projects, KEY focuses on helping individuals and firms to take control of personal data. The presence of the latest project has made SelfKey one of the frontrunners in providing relevant assistance for the crypto community.

On February 18, SelfKey announced the airdrop for February was complete for users who had completed KeyFi platform eligibility verification. At the same time they also revealed an airdrop that took place in February and June entitles KEY holders to get a KEYFI token along with another additional KEY.

However, after a break of $ 0.013 on February 21, KEY faced consolidation that ended on March 9 following the decentralized financial sector (DeFi) facing a token price pullback and protocol activity.

Since March 9, KEY prices have jumped more than 280%, driven by projects in the community along with discussions related to identity management, SelfKey Foundation, SelfKey Identity Wallet and SelfKey ID.

With its projects prioritizing the importance of personal data protection, and the growing DeFi sector, SelfKey is capable of rocketing to even higher levels!