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March 27, 2021

North Korea Tests US 'Patience'

 North Korea claimed to have launched a new type of tactical missile yesterday, according to a statement issued by Pyongyang.

In a statement issued via local KCNA media, two missiles were launched and traveled 600 kilometers outside North Korea's northeastern region.

"The development of this weapons system is very important in increasing the country's military strength and deterring all military threats," said Ri Pyong-chol, a senior leader who oversaw the test.

The statement added that the new missile is capable of carrying a payload of 2.5 tonnes, thus being able to carry a nuclear warhead.

The launch is the first of its kind since a year ago and the first time since Joe Biden became President of the United States (US).

According to Biden, the US will respond accordingly. The US, Japan and South Korea condemned the test.

Biden insisted the launch test violated a United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolution and the U.S. would discuss it with its allies.

Under the UNSC resolution, North Korea is banned from testing missiles.

"There will be a response - if they choose to be hostile, we will respond accordingly.

"But I am also ready for any form of diplomacy but it should be resolved on the condition of nuclear disarmament," Biden said.

The Biden administration has not yet been able to hold any diplomatic talks with North Korea.