The latter can physically hold bitcoin? - Kakiforex | Forex markets for the smart money. The latter can physically hold bitcoin? The latter can physically hold bitcoin?

March 11, 2021

The latter can physically hold bitcoin?

 A newly developed firm, Noteworthy is rumored to be working to produce the first Bitcoin (BTC) physical money.

Interesting isn't it?

The idea was a proposal from former director of the United States Treasury (US) Division of Engraving and Printing (BEP), Larry Felix along with Bitcoin Foundation chairman Peter Vessenes.

Noteworthy focuses on the objective of wanting to bring Bitcoin to the real world, facilitating offline transactions especially for those who are not proficient with technology and more comfortable to transact offline.

However, they have yet to reveal a sample example of how the real Bitcoin will look that will be produced soon.

At the same time, Noteworthy has explained that Bitcoin physical money will come with a secure cryptographic microprocessor and provide quality -grade digital security for every money printed.

That way, every note produced is difficult to copy, plagiarize or compose.

In fact, this idea is not something new because it was once put forward by the proponents of crypto some time ago. But, so far it has failed.

If Noteworthy manages to produce physical Bitcoin, this proves nothing is impossible.

But, the question is..when and what about the global community's acceptance of Bitcoin?