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March 18, 2021

This drink was once banned

 There must be some Intraday readers who like to drink coffee, right? But did you know that coffee was once declared illegal in Islam?

Coffee is one of the most widely used ‘drugs’ in the world. An estimated 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed every day.

How can humans find this coffee? Let's recall the history of the invention of coffee.

The discovery of this coffee allegedly originated from the country of Ethiopia. There is a story about a goat herder in the country who saw his pet goat show an active reaction and find it difficult to fall asleep after eating coffee beans.

Looking at the 'incident', the shepherd also tried to eat coffee beans and it was proven, it really makes him energetic.

However, the authenticity of the story could not be proven.

This coffee was later popularized by the Arabs especially the Sufis in Yemen. They are very fond of drinking coffee because they do not feel sleepy and are more devout when performing worship.

After that, coffee began to spread to Mecca in the late 15th century. There, coffee was so well received that there were various coffee shops.

In 1511, the then governor of Mecca issued a fatwa banning drinking coffee because he claimed coffee would have a bad effect like alcohol.

Drinking coffee will affect the brain and make people dependent on coffee every day, thus affecting the health of the body.

The coffee ban did not happen only in Mecca but happened elsewhere as well. In 1517, the first Ottoman Caliphate, Sultan Salim, sentenced anyone found drinking coffee in Egypt.

In 1524, the ban on coffee was lifted by Sultan Suleiman after he said it was halal to drink. Studies conducted by him show that this coffee is nutritious and gives freshness to the body during worship even though many scholars object to Sultan Suleiman's decision.

This caused the coffee industry in Islamic civilization began to grow and spread to Europe in the 17th century.

Apart from Islam, Christianity has also considered this coffee as a devil's drink. In 1600, the followers of Pope Clement 8th in Rome issued a ban on drinking coffee for Christians.

But the ban is only temporary. After the ban was lifted, coffee became a favorite drink of Roman society.

After the decline of Islamic civilization, Europeans managed to dominate the crops and production of coffee around the world to this day.