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March 22, 2021

What Is Needed To Trade Forex?

To trade forex, you only need one gadget, no matter whether it is android/iPhone smartphones, tab or iPad, Desktop PC, or Laptop. In short, this forex can be traded through its platform from any gadget that has internet.

But, to be more practical, usually many traders use a computer that is a PC/Laptop to more easily make analysis, read the price fluctuations.

And smartphones are usually only used to monitor (review) the trading positions you have entered, whether they are losing or already making a profit. Can also trade using smartphones, enter orders using smartphones. But, people usually use smartphones for monitors only because maybe we are having business outside, so it's nice that we want to refer to the charts on mobile. People say "trade anytime, anywhere"

The most common and popular platform used is MT4 by MetaTrader. Most forex brokers use this platform. So this is the platform you need to install on a PC/Laptop and if there are smartphones, you can also install them.

So with only a computer (pc/laptop) or smartphones and an internet line, it means you can start "your forex trading business".

Trade anytime, anywhere.