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March 25, 2021

Wrong Step-Angela Merkel Makes a ‘U-Turn’!

 German Chancellor Angela Merkel today had to make a U -turn by reversing plans to impose a ‘lockdown’ measure after receiving criticism from experts and top government officials.

The plan requires the German state to be under tight control and all shops and churches will be closed from April 1-5. The plan has drawn fierce criticism causing Merkel to withdraw the plan planned earlier this week. The main purpose of the plan is to stop the transmission of third-wave Covid-19.

The criticism came from health experts, business owners and analysts. They argued it would have a huge impact on the economy and most of the people’s incomes would be affected.

Researchers see this as a rare occurrence in which European figures withdraw their views. Merkel's actions have received praise from many quarters. Germany has so far recorded nearly 2.7 million cases of Covid-19 infection and over 75,000 deaths based on data released by Johns Hopkins University.

Germany is in the process of easing restrictions imposed by reopening schools and some economic sectors. The emergence of new variants of Covid-19 continues to be a major challenge especially in European countries.