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April 1, 2021

80% Forex Trader Waste Money!

 This is the story of how a trader can lose in the world of trading so that some have not set foot in this arena full of challenges.


When just starting out, traders will cultivate a high desire to reap as much profit as possible after being inspired to see the success of "master-master" who show lucrative results every day.

Various success stories are available on social media platforms that make traders think that trading is a money pit for get rich quick traders.

"If they can succeed easily, why can't I be like them?"


So, the trader starts trading and as soon as he places a trading position regardless of the risk, the trader starts calculating the lucrative profit that will be obtained in a short time and starts thinking about various branded goods that want to buy after that.

After the position starts to show losses, the trader will monologue; "For a moment, the price is reversed, I have to wait a little longer to make a profit later."


BUY position, but the price is falling lower. The value of the loss displayed on the account is getting larger. Traders start to get restless with a situation that is contrary to his initial expectations.

"If I don't 'cut-loss' in the beginning, I can cover my account. Well, I closed and went in 'sell' because the price seems to be going down a long way. "


Eventually traders experience losses due to failing to control risk and lack of preparation before entering the market. Various real situations that make investors regret because they made the wrong decision, "the loss did not come earlier", "I should have closed the position from earlier".

If you are still stuck in this endless cycle, wake up before it’s too late. There is still time for you to act and change the situation.