Fundamentals of Technical Analysis : Candlestick


 You are free to choose by clicking the chart options button that is on your MT4 Platform.

Each chart has its own specialties, but there is one chart that is most popular and widely used which is the Candlestick chart. If you look at a candlestick chart it looks like a candlestick that has a wick, which is why it is called a candlestick. Candlestick charts are originally from Japan and were designed in the 18th century by a rice trader.

What are the benefits of a candlestick chart?

A Candlestick chart is a complete chart that can show you the price movement over a specific period of time. It follows the ‘timeframe’ you choose. Each candlestick can show open price, higher price, lower price, and also close price. The candlestick consists of a part called a body and a shadow. 

  • Bullish Candlestick
  • Bearish Candlestick
  • Essential Candlestick shapes


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