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April 9, 2021

Control the Use of ‘Ghost Weapons’ - Biden

 The President of the United States (US), Joe Biden issued an executive order against homemade weapons known as ‘ghost weapons’ because they are unregistered and difficult to detect.

The order covers efforts to set rules for some firearms, improve background checks and support local terrorism prevention.

"Violence involving firearms in this country is epidemic and this is a disgrace internationally," Biden said yesterday.

The executive order gave the Justice Department a 30 -day period to propose regulations that would help reduce the use of ‘ghost weapons’.

The ghost weapon was self -assembled and did not contain a serial number and was difficult to detect. A background check is also not required to purchase a weapon mounting tool.

"Anyone from criminals to terrorists can buy a tool and in just 30 minutes, the weapon can be installed," Biden said.

Crime experts say homemade weapons are increasingly being used in criminal cases. Over 40% of weapons seized in Los Angeles are ghost weapons.

Speaking at the Rose Garden, White House yesterday, Biden said about 106 people are killed at gunpoint every day in the U.S.

Hours after the order was issued, a gunman attacked a cabinet -making store in Bryan, Texas, killing one person while injuring five others.

An army member was also shot and injured while detaining the suspect.