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April 8, 2021

Evidence Confirms XRP & Bitcoin Are The Same - Ripple

 Ripple’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO) David Schwartz revealed all the evidence gathered clearly showed Bitcoin and XRP were the same even though XRP tokens were allegedly sold illegally as securities.

The revelation was made via Coindesk TV, “The market thinks the two are the same. We also consider the token the same. ”

For information, the hearing of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) lawsuit against Ripple has not yet been decided.

Ripple has been accused of violating United States (US) securities laws in selling XRPs to retail buyers. The SEC’s action shocked the community as it would have a negative impact on the entire crypto industry.

Schwartz also appeared in public several times, convincing XRP holders who were skeptical of the token’s future because of the SEC lawsuit.

The CTO explained, “The market value of this system is worth billions of dollars. Those who act based on their own interests will not allow this ecosystem to become extinct if there is a way. The supervisory body has no right to control this system. Only by uniting can we return the situation to the original. ”

Over the past few days, XRP has been moving positively, breaking the $ 1 level for the first time in three years.

However, Schwartz is hesitant to reveal what caused the surge. But, there is no denying there is a possibility driven by the re -listing of XRP on the Coinbase platform.

Also, it could be that it was driven by rumors that Ripple won the rights to get documents in Bitcoin and Ethereum yesterday.