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April 19, 2021

In Silence China Forms Alliances With America's 'Enemies'

 China has forged ties with autocratic allies such as Russia and Iran, as well as economically dependent regional countries, as well as using current and threats to split the allies the United States is developing to oppose it.

Diplomats and analysts say the Biden administration has pushed other democracies to oppose China on issues of human rights and security of territories such as the disputed South China Sea.

In a statement from China's foreign ministry to Reuters, Beijing strongly opposed the U.S. involvement in political bloc alliances and conspiring to form anti-China groups.

In addition, it also hopes the relevant countries, see clearly their own interests, and will not be an anti-China tool by the US.

After heated talks between U.S. and Chinese diplomats in Alaska last month, Beijing also appears to have quickly forged ties with countries such as Russia, Iran and North Korea, which also do not have good relations with Washington.

For example, a few days after the meeting, China’s top diplomat Wang Yi received a call from Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov, asking Moscow and Beijing to reject Western ideological agendas.

In addition, President Xi Jinping reportedly exchanged orders with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, asking for deeper cooperation with other countries aspiring to nuclear weapons that have been imposed on sanctions.