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April 9, 2021

JPMorgan CEO: Cryptocurrencies threaten the traditional banking sector

 As Bitcoin continues to hover around the level of $60,000 and keeps failing to maintain the upward trend, its popularity does not subside, and the forecasts that continue to be voiced by the crypto community continue to amaze everyone. But keep in mind that forecasts from people who benefit from the further growth of bitcoin are not likely to be reliable. It is natural that, figuratively speaking, the Winklevoss brothers, crypto billionaires, will say that bitcoin will grow to unprecedented heights, since they are the owners of a large number of coins that will become more expensive with the arrival of new investors on the market. Therefore, the main task of crypto millionaires and billionaires is to convince the market that bitcoin will continue to grow as long and as strong as possible. However, many analysts also support the further growth of bitcoin quotes. For example, Bloomberg analysts believe that bitcoin will be able to conquer the mark of $400,000 per coin this year, drawing analogies with the bullish trends in 2013 and 2017. It is true that Bloomberg analysts also fear that the rise in US bond yields will cause an outflow of investors from the cryptocurrency market, since these more classic instruments will also begin to protect investors from possible inflation, but they are much more stable and reliable than bitcoin. According to Bloomberg Crypto analysts, Bitcoin is still at the price determination stage.

Meanwhile, JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon said in a letter to the bank's shareholders that any digital assets should be more tightly regulated by central banks and governments and have a clear legal status. Dimon believes that cryptocurrencies allow you to conduct financial transactions without using the services of the banking system, respectively, the demand for banking services with the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies may fall. Dimon also warned of the rise of "shadow banking." The head of JP Morgan also noted that at the moment, various US government agencies and political forces have different views on bitcoin. There is no clear opinion on what to do with the digital gold. Also, Dimon believes, not everyone in the government is aware of the damage that cryptocurrencies can cause to the financial and banking sector. "If the banks do not strengthen their positions, they risk becoming a thing of the past," said the head of JPMorgan.

At the same time, one of the oldest US banks, State Street, plans to enter the cryptocurrency segment this year and start trading cryptocurrencies. It is reported that the bank participated in the development of a trading platform for banks on digital assets. This trading platform will be designed for institutional investors, and the launch of trading is planned for mid-2021. However, this is not the first news that large banks are beginning to provide institutional clients with access to trading in the cryptocurrency market. According to many experts, the future of bitcoin now depends on institutions, and not on private owners, as in 2017 or in 2013. Thus, the more large investors will invest in bitcoin, the more stable the cryptocurrency will be. That is great, but even so, Bitcoin needs new investments. By the way, keep in mind that none of the experts say that bitcoin can now be traded in the corridor of 50-60 thousand per coin for many years. No one expects that the volatility will decrease and bitcoin will become stable. Everyone still treats digital gold not as a digital currency, but as an investment.