What Happens To Dogecoin On "Doge Day"! - Kakiforex.com - Financial Market Media No. 1 in the World What Happens To Dogecoin On "Doge Day"! What Happens To Dogecoin On "Doge Day"!

April 22, 2021

What Happens To Dogecoin On "Doge Day"!

Today, many expect that Dogecoin will shine and even many are targeting the price of Dogecoin to hit over $ 0.6 on Doge Day. It is reported that the crypto community wants to make April 20 or April 21 Malaysian time as Doge Day, which is the day on which Dogecoin is wholesaled.

So it is not surprising that many are targeting that the Dogecoin cryptocurrency will reach US $ 1 per token. This Doge Day celebration is also well received by many people on Twitter, so many are reminded to buy Dogecoin before the price will skyrocket.

Doge Day, like all other cultural phenomena has prompted several leading companies to join the campaign including Snickers and Ax Body Spray featuring DOGE memes in their tasting.

However, those hopes were shattered and could not be fulfilled. The sixth -largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization fell to $ 0.29, down from an all -time high of $ 0.40 over the weekend. At the time of writing the price of DOGE is $ 0.3124 per unit.

Elon Musk last week uploaded a tweet about Dogecoin that pushed the price of Dogecoin up from $ 0.14 to $ 0.40 in a matter of days. Until now, Doge fans are still facing Elon Musk to upload another tweet about Doge in conjunction with DogeDay.