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May 3, 2021

Apple & Epic Games ‘Meet’ In Court Today

 The lawsuit hearing of video game maker Epic Games against Apple Inc. begins today.

Apple CEO (CE0) Tim Cook will appear in court to provide evidence and testimony for the first time.

The trial is also one of the most important events in Apple's history.

In August last year, Epic Games ‘set a trap’ against Apple. Epic Games implements its own in -app payment system and avoids paying Apple’s 30%tax.

The move led Apple to remove Epic Games from the App Store.

Epic Games, however, filed a 65 -page lawsuit and even released a video mimicking Apple's iconic 1984 ad for the Apple Mac.

The firm claimed the charges imposed by Apple were unreasonable and anti-competitive in nature.

Epic Games also believes developers should be able to create apps for smartphones without having to pay large sums of money to Apple.

Apple is estimated to have generated hundreds of millions of dollars from Fortnite alone.

Apart from Epic Games, Spotify, Match and Tile as well as several other companies also insisted that Apple's charges were unfair.