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May 28, 2021

Cardano ‘Alonzo’ First Testnet Now Launched!

 Alonzo, the first testnet for the Cardano platform was finally launched on May 27th.

It is rumored that Alonzo takes place in several phases and each phase will be identified by its color. For example for now, the Alonzo phase is marked in blue. Next will be connected with Alonzo White and Alonzo Purple.

It is estimated that it will take months before it is fully implemented.

For information, Alonzo is Cardano's hard fork which will introduce the latest features for the network through the integration of Plutus script, a component that allows smart contracts to be on the Cardano network.

The process will indirectly lead to the development of the latest decentralized applications (dApps) including those related to decentralized finance (DeFi).

The crypto community should be excited about Cardano as it is expected to make a ‘surprise’ soon, driven by a flurry of projects.

The ADA has also over the past few months shown a positive movement whose all -time high (ATH) was recorded at $ 2.46 on May 16th.

However at the time of writing, the ADA recorded a decline of over 8% in 24 hours with a current value of $ 1.57.