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May 18, 2021

Cuban Mark Disputes Cardano Function (ADA)?

 Cardano (ADA) is increasingly attracting the attention of the crypto community. Although in the current situation most cryptocurrencies are falling, Cardano (ADA) continues to strengthen to reach the highest price level of all time at $ 2.47.

Dogecoin fan Mark Cuban also spoke and speculated on the Cardano cryptocurrency (ADA) on a recent twitter tweet. He questioned "what are the functions and advantages of Cardano?" :

Are you, personally, able to use $ ADA for anything? If so, what have you used it for? That's the question I ask about all Crypto. Do you find yourself using it for anything that you find value in?

- Mark Cuban (@mcuban) May 15, 2021

His statement then went on to get the attention of Cardano CEO (ADA) Charles Hoskinson and he went on to upload a video in Youtube to explain about Cardano’s strengths.

The network also has many ongoing and future projects. Among the latest, the use of the Atala PRISM solution is being pursued on a large scale in Africa as a result of joint efforts by the Ethiopian government.

Technically, the decline made by the Cardano cryptocurrency (ADA) was also driven by the aspect of the drastic fall in the recent Bitcoin price movement, up to the $ 42,000 price level.

As is well known, the fall in Bitcoin prices was influenced by Elon Musk’s Twitter tweet stating that Tesla will delay the purchase of vehicles using Bitcoin.

As can be seen on the price movement chart for Cardano (ADA), it is back making a decline up to the price level around $ 2.0 after hitting the most recent all -time high on May 16th.

If the Cardano cryptocurrency (ADA) continues to make a bullish pattern, the $ 2.47 price level will be the main focus to be tested first before hitting the latest all -time high.

However, there is a possibility that it will make another decline to test the RBS level (resistance become support) around the price level of $ 1.80 - $ 1.90 before continuing higher gains or will make a more drastic decline to the price level of $ 1.40 - $ 1.50.