Fundamentals of Fundamental Analysis - How to Read the Economic Calendar


 ⦁ Economic Calendar is important for you to look at every day before starting trading.

⦁ It displays a list of important economic events every day such as Bank Holiday, FOMC Meeting, Interest Rate decision, Non Farm Payroll and many more.

⦁ You can see economic news from Forex Factory

⦁ Click here:

How to use it?

⦁ Adjust the time according to Malaysian time which is GMT +8

⦁ Go to ( and make sure you can see as below.

Time Zone: +8.00

DST: Off

Time Format: am/pm

After that SAVE your SETTING and return to

As long as you do not clear cookies or cache in your browser, as long as that will remain the local time set right. It is good for us to set the local time so that we can see the time the news is released at the local time which is GMT +8