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May 31, 2021

HTR Crypto Gem That Many Still Don't Know

 Hathor Network, which is a separate ‘blockchain’ ecosystem in line with the Ethereum, Polkadot, Cardano, EOS and other networks, started the project development in August 2018 and launched the ‘mainnet’ network in Jan 2020.

The Hathor network has the advantage of making fast transactions in the blink of an eye and does not charge any ‘gas fee’ unlike Ethereum which places a high ‘gas fee’ when there is a high demand for buying and selling.

With easy-to-use usage such as Hathor has stated that 13-year-olds are able to create their own tokens under the ‘blockchain’ ecosystem provided.

The POW -created Hathor Network was listed on the Kucoin platform in early January 2021 and continued to trade at a starting price of around $ 0.20. The HTR price continued to jump over 800% in February trading to record its latest all -time high (ATH) around the $ 1.80 price.

Yet after posting the latest ATH around $ 1.80, the HTR price continued to make a decline to the $ 0.20 support level before making a slight jump in May 30 trade to trade above the $ 0.30 level in line with Bitcoin’s fall in value.

Looking at the HTR/USDT price movement chart, it seems that the HTR price is still trying to make a higher jump and head back to the ATH $ 1.80 level that was once recorded.

Most crypto analysts expect that Hathor will be able to compete with Ethereum technology which HTR sees as very high potential in terms of the ecosystem it wants to achieve and expects to record a price spike in excess of $ 10.

If the price movement continues to rise again, the SBR (support become resistance) zone around the $ 0.60 price will be the focus for investors to test before the expectation to make a higher jump.

The $ 1.0 price level which is the next SBR zone will be targeted first and will be the main focus level to be tested and in turn provide momentum to signal in making the trend change more obvious.

However, if the HTR price continues its downtrend, the $ 0.20 support level will be retested and will be the best price level for large investors. If the decline continues beyond the $ 0.20 support level, the lowest level for HTR will be created.

With the marketcap recorded on CoinMarketCap around $ 71 Million at the moment, crypto analysts say that it is not impossible for Hathor to achieve a higher marketcap of around $ 1 Billion and will push the price of HTR to make a more drastic increase.

‘Do Your Own Research’ before making a purchase and here is included the ‘Hathor white paper’ and at the time this article was written Hathor coins can be purchased on the Kucoin, Coinspot, AscendEx, Vitex and Qtrade platforms.

As of 5.00pm local time, the HTR price made a slight jump of 2% to trade above the $ 0.39 price level.