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May 26, 2021

Matic Continues His Journey To The Moon!

 The refocus on cryptocurrencies for investors this time around is gratifying after recovering from a bloody red sea.

The previous Polygon (Matic Network) was the first well -structured and easy -to -use platform for Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development.

Recently, Matic has launched its latest project, ‘Augur Turbo’ which has made many investors excited.

"Augur Turbo’s intuitive user interface was designed with DeFi users and sports fans in mind. With @chainlink and @0xPolygon providing secure, scalable infrastructure, Augur Turbo allows creators to quickly bootstrap new prediction markets."


- Augur (@AugurProject) May 24, 2021

On the MATIC/USDT price movement chart, it can be seen that MATIC has jumped more than 170% from the decline that occurred last week.

From a technical point of view, MATIC has managed to break the SBR (support become resistance) zone around $ 1.60.

Previously the price that failed to break the resistance level around $ 2.10 has made a sharp break to hit below the $ 0.80 level before investors saw the rise again testing the SBR level of $ 1.60.

If the price movement manages to maintain the uptrend, the $ 2.10 resistance zone will be the target again before a higher rise will test the all -time high (ATH) level once recorded around the $ 2.60 price.

However, if the price movement does not manage to break the $ 2.10 resistance level, the decline may re -test the $ 1.60 level before the decline to the $ 0.80 price level again which is seen as the latest support level for MATIC.