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May 19, 2021

New cryptocurrency F * CKELON gains popularity among crypto-traders

 As we have already said, bitcoin fell after a series of regular tweets and statements by Elon Musk. However, if previously most messages from the CEO of Tesla led to an increase in the price of "digital gold", then in the last month, each message from Musk leads to its fall. Accordingly, all categories of investors and traders lose money, so they are very angry with Musk. Against this background, a group of crypto traders created a new token called F*CKELON. According to the developers, the total number of coins will be one billion, and the first owners of coins were almost 10,000 addresses, which shows well how the crypto community is enraged by Musk's tweets. At the moment, the new token costs about $0.0052 and has risen in price by 2000% in just 12 hours. Also on the Internet, a petition called "Musk must sell all bitcoin coins" was created, which is actively collecting signatures at this time. "If bitcoin or Dogecoin were regulated as securities, then this whole farce would be considered a fraud, and Musk would go to prison," the petition says.

Also, do not forget that about a month ago, the so-called "altcoin season" began. So experts called the process of pumping money from expensive bitcoin to less expensive alternative tokens, which have much greater growth potential. This also contributed to the fall in the bitcoin quotes, as the number of investors in "digital gold" decreased. At the same time, the Ethereum cryptocurrency is gaining popularity. Recently, the media has paid more attention to it than to bitcoin. The most common forecast that I have heard is $10,000 per coin, which is currently trading at $3,462 and has also collapsed over the past week, losing about a quarter of its value. The founder of the Galaxy Digital crypto bank, Mike Novogratz, believes that ethereum can grow to $5,000 in the near future. According to Novogratz, such a forecast is pure mathematics. Novogratz himself has about 85% of cryptocurrencies in his portfolio but advises everyone to invest very carefully in digital assets, as he considers them high-risk.

It should also be noted that the technical picture for ether is more favorable than for bitcoin. Cryptocurrency quotes have fallen to the critical Kijun-sen line on the 4-hour time frame, and there is a high probability of a rebound from this line. And if there is a rebound, it will mean that the cryptocurrency will resume growth. If overcome, then ether may also continue to fall to the level of $2,481. However, so far, most traders and investors believe in ether more than in bitcoin. The bitcoin will have to try very hard to resume the upward trend. On the other hand, the trend, when bitcoin pulls the entire crypto market, has not been canceled. And at the moment we are talking about the fall.