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May 18, 2021

Pundi X Now Integrates With Chainlink!

 Blockchain solution and developer of decentralized financial platform (DeFi), Pundi X (PUNDIX) announced integration with current asset price aggregator, Chainlink Price Feed.

At the same time, the flagship product of Pundi X, XPOS comes with access for users who want to perform cryptocurrency transactions using a physical card, XPASS owned.

While the company’s mobile wallet, XWallet has supported 2FA and biometric security locks, guaranteeing the protection of their crypto storage.

Since the owners of PUNDIX and Function X (FX) receive staking rewards for their involvement in blockchain supervision, it is critical for the platform to obtain on-chain price references accurately and transparently to calculate their value.

X -Wallet co -founder Zac Cheah believes the improvement in their protocol capabilities is due to Chainlink Network’s efforts to link their systems with price data reference.

"Users can now make transactions on this platform and at the same time receive value rewards for their involvement."

At the time of writing, PUNDIX is trading at $ 2.20, up nearly 2% in 24 hours.